Clean-Up 2021-06-03T01:35:54+00:00

Renter is responsible, unless prior arrangements are made, for clean-up and removal of all equipment, decorations, signs, posters, table decorations, debris, etc. The building must be returned to the same manner of cleanliness as it was received, with all decorations and debris removed.

If you would prefer to have The Majestic do clean-up, prior arrangements can be made.

Clean-Up Checklist

  • Decorations: Remove all decorations.
  • Chairs: Wipe down chairs. Put 25 chairs to a cart, all facing the same direction. Stack excess chairs on top.
  • Tables: Wipe down tables. Put the tables on the carts with the fronts together and the back together.
  • Bathrooms: Empty trash cans. Wipe down counters and sinks.

  • Outside: Bring in & clean cigarette containers. Pick up butts and trash from porch and grass.
  • Floors: Grab brooms, mops, and buckets from the janitor’s closet downstairs. Sweep the floors first, then spot mop any spill using only degreaser and hot water. Wring out the mops well to avoid excess water. do not use dust broom for spills or sticky areas!

  • Trash & Recycling: Bag and tie all trash and either (1) remove from premises or (2) leave sealed trash bags in receptacle provided under the south-side staircase in the back of the building. Waste in excess of two bags will be charged $5/bag. Separate bins for glass, plastic, and cardboard are provided. Please Recycle!

  • Coat Closet & Storage Room: Clean dish sink in coat closet and wipe off counter. Vacuum out coat closet and storage room.
  • Kitchen: Wipe down the counters, including the stove top. Sweep and mop the floor, including underneath the refrigerators.

  • Heating: Turn heat or cooling system off.

  • Lighting: Turn off all lights.

  • Doors: Shut doors and MAKE SURE ALL DOORS ARE LOCKED.

Thank you for your consideration! If you have any problems, please call 360-676-0292


  1. If doors are left unlocked and items are missing, you will be held responsible.
  2. Candle wax can ruin a dance floor – your damage deposit may be forfeited if wax gets on them.
  3. Any additional cleaning required will be deducted from your security deposit.